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Until Utopia of the Seas

We are proud to introduce Utopia of the Seas, debuting in 2024.

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Icon of the Seas on Fortnite

Royal Caribbean is bringing the world’s best family vacation to one of the world’s most-played video games – Fortnite. Gamers are invited to the first digital interpretation of Icon of the Seas.

The newest addition built using Fortnite Creative – Royal Caribbean’s: Hide ’N’ Sea – challenges players to hide and seek throughout Thrill Island and The Hideaway, two revolutionary neighborhoods exclusive to Icon, debuting in January 2024.

Gamers will hide, seek and collect coins in the largest waterpark at sea, Category 6; test their metal on Crown’s Edge, part skywalk, part ropes course 154 feet above the ocean; parade through Lost Dunes mini golf course; and absorb the vibe and views at The Hideaway Pool, the first suspended infinity pool sailing the Caribbean.

How to play:

  • Become props and hide from the sea-kers, or vice versa!

  • Successfully hide or find all the “props” in seven minutes to win the round.

  • Collect all 25 coins, as a hider, to win instantly.

How to find the prop hunt map:

  • Players in other Fortnite games will come across in-game portals that will drop them into the waiting area of “Royal Caribbean’s: Hide ’N’ Sea” before starting the match.

  • Users can enter the island code 2569-9622-8657 on the island code page found in the “Discover” screen to teleport directly into the lobby.

  • Players can also head over to Fortnite “Party Games,” found under the “Browse” section in the “Discover” screen.

  • Once the match starts, hiders will have 30 seconds to transform into a multitude of props – a sun lounger, towel pile, mini golf flag and knee board, to name a few – before the seekers go off to find all members of the hiding team across Thrill Island and The Hideway before the stopwatch reaches zero.

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